I Can't Gain Muscle: Check Out Our Expert Advice

I Can’t Gain Muscle: Check Out Our Expert Advice

Have you started or resumed sports seriously for a few weeks but you have the impression that you are not able to gain muscle? Unsuitable sessions, recovery problem, nutrition plan and many factors you have to take into consideration.

Your sessions are not suited to your goals

Do not seek optimization such as food supplements, bodybuilder training method, etc. if the basics are not mastered.

Firstly, it is important to choose your exercises well. All muscle chains need to be worked. However, when you have little or no experience in bodybuilding, it is more interesting to choose “polyarticular” exercises. These are therefore complete exercises, which therefore involve several joints and which will tend to develop your physique in a harmonious way. Check out How to Get the Most From Your 14 Min Full Body Workout

The training must be regular and intense enough to create fatigue. Thus, your muscle will grow if and only if your training tells it that it is necessary. So, in case your training has not given results so far it may be that:

  • You do not train enough during the week. in my opinion, 3x / week is ideal to start.
  • You are not doing enough sets on the same muscle group. Try 3 to 4 sets per muscle group at the starting.
  • You are not doing enough repetitions of your exercises. I think 15 to 20 repetitions are ideal for “stressing” your muscles.
  • Your workload is not heavy enough to tire you. It should be enough that you feel tired on each set.
  • You are not in calorie surplus

If the problem is not with training, it could be your diet. So, in order for your muscles to gain volume, you need to be “calorie surplus”, meaning you should be consuming more calories than you spend. Be careful, this is not about eating anything and everything. Each nutrient will play an essential role in your muscle enlargement, but protein is particularly critical. 1.6g per kg of body weight is the recommended intake for promoting muscle growth.

I Can't Gain Muscle: Check Out Our Expert Advice

You are not recovering properly

If your training targets only one muscle group, it is normal for progress to be slow or stagnant. Indeed, a muscle grows during its phase of restoration. If the child does not have enough rest, he accumulates fatigue and never has time to fully recover. Also, sleep is essential for muscle growth. While you sleep, your testosterone and growth hormones peak. These 2 hormones are anabolic, that is to say they promote muscle mass gain.

You also have to eat a balanced diet. Check out How to Maximize the Potential of Your Body With Balanced Diet

You don’t have a training / nutrition plan

If you do not have a training plan, then it may be disorganized: sessions that do not stimulate the same muscle groups, irregular sessions, irregular training volume, progress will then become complicated.

You can try calling on a sports coach allows you:

  • Identify your starting point
  • To set coherent and stimulating goals with you
  • Establish a training plan and guide you towards achieving your goals

A coach can guide you and help you know where you are starting from, where you are going, and how to get there.

To conclude, in truth, gaining muscle mass is quite simple. Only, if you want to do it correctly and healthily, a holistic approach will be more interesting. If the simple goal of gaining muscle mass allows you to improve your lifestyle, improve your lifestyle and therefore improve your overall health, you will have won everything.

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