How to Play Sports at Home During Confinement at Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Play Sports at Home During Confinement at Coronavirus Pandemic?

How can you maintain your physical condition when you are locked up at home? During this period of confinement announced by most governments, they also encourages you to maintain regular physical activity at your home, with recommendations and simple advice to implement convenient.

Despite the exceptional circumstances of this unprecedented health crisis, a minimum practice of dynamic physical activities is recommended. It is advised one hour a day for children and adolescents, and 30 minutes a day for adults. In addition, it is also recommended to carry out various activities several times a week that strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility and balance.

At the same time, it is just as important to reduce the time spent in a sitting or lying position. To break the prolonged periods spent in a sitting position by a few minutes of walking and stretching at least every two hours if you are in the middle of telecommuting. The ideal is to get up every hour and stretch your legs. You can also watch TV while standing.

Using a chair, in the garden, or the stairs

It is not because we are confined that we must stop all  physical activity , quite the contrary. It will be necessary to adapt it to this exceptional situation, by maintaining a regular practice, in his garden if one has one, as indoors , while adapting his food intake to his real energy expenditure, and by ensuring the quality of his sleep by maintaining fixed schedules.

What’s more, at home, muscle building requires almost no equipment. With a chair, filled water bottles , a stair step, you can strengthen all the muscle chains in your body. Ascents and descents, several times a day of your stairs will keep you in shape.

You can vary the speed (slow and / or fast with the help of the arms) or the number of steps in each step, stopping on one foot then on the other foot on the next step (work of balance and weight training) . Using the furniture available is a good way to make good fortune against bad luck by using a chair to stretch or work your arms.

Do your household chores to the beat and music

The household chores  are also, we must not forget physical activity. You can put energy and energy into vacuuming or cleaning your windows to music and rhythm to make the exercise fun.

You can also make small everyday things fun by working on your balance. When brushing your teeth, for example, you can try to do it on one leg.

Various training sessions on the applications

Don’t forget that occasionally, you will be allowed to go out to exercise,  if you do it alone, near your home and for a short period.

However, in practice, not everyone should do it at the risk of creating groups and risking spreading the epidemic. So give yourself, with your  exceptional travel certificate , a simple little  jog to air out for a few minutes. The exemptions appearing therein include “short trips, close to home, linked to  the individual physical activity of people, to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice”.

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