How to Maximize the Potential of Your Body With Balanced Diet

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Body With Balanced Diet

There is a little bit of everything about food. So much so that we no longer know where to turn: classic diets, low GI diets, fasting, healthy food. But what do you know about a balanced diet? The one that aims to provide the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body and its hormones? Because yes, worrying about the good health of your endocrine system is essential to be in shape and in good health.

The endocrine system is “made up of glands (thyroid, ovaries, testes, pituitary gland, pancreas, etc.) which secrete hormones (estrogen, testosterone, insulin, etc.). These hormones are released into the bloodstream and play key roles in many essential body functions ”.

Among these essential functions we find: growth, development of the senses, regulation of blood sugar, stress, sleep, appetite, the immune system. Bringing the right nutrients at the right time to our body therefore allows us to maximize the potential of our organism in terms of fitness and health. How do you get there?

Eat balanced in the morning

For starters, it is abnormal not to be hungry in the morning when you get up between 6 and 8 a.m. Hours most of the working population wake up on weekdays. Lack of appetite when you wake up can be a sign of a liver problem, poorly restful sleep, or possible iron deficiency.

Since breakfast is an essential meal, it must consist of fat and protein and contain a little quality sugar (no more refined white sugar). My recommendation is therefore to take two eggs with the “runny” yolk ( boiled for example to maximize the presence of vitamins and nutrients) accompanied by seasonal fruits (preferably dried to facilitate digestion and some oilseeds). You can also add fats such ascheese, salmon or cold cuts , as long as the quality of the products takes precedence over the quantity.

Finally, you can also opt for wholemeal bread to provide a dose of fiber and carbohydrates. Thanks to this breakfast, the production of dopamine (hormone of happiness) will be boosted, you will avoid the “cravings” of 11am and the fat ingested in the morning will be stored in the body to be used during the following night to repair cells and improve their health.

Eat a balanced lunch

The midday meal often appears to be the most neglected because it is constrained by the famous “lunch break”. Which means: little time to eat, often no way to reheat dishes, you can also go get something to take away (salad, sandwich, fast food or other). Consider what you are snacking too! Check out A Healthy Alternative For Snacking at Office!

Conversely, some have real banquets with starter, main course, dessert before ending up with a nap and emerging at the end of the afternoon. The midday meal also plays an essential role: that of the transition between dopamine and norepinephrine (by helping to produce it). This hormone will need protein to be synthesized. Ideally, therefore, we will find its centimeters in grams of protein.

For example, if you are 1m80, you should have 180 grams of cooked protein on your plate, which can be meat, fish, eggs or tofu. To accompany, vegetables remain the best option because they will help absorb the acidity of proteins and therefore their negative impact. On top of that, a little starch or legumes to provide carbohydrates and the midday meal is over.

The perfect proportions would be 30% protein, 50% vegetables and 20% starches. It is a simple meal to prepare and which does not require much, especially since ideally, the midday meal consists of only one plate, without starter or dessert, except for people with a strong energy expenditure, to avoid storing unnecessarily.

Eat balanced in the evening
Eat balanced in the evening

Eat balanced in the evening

In the evening, the metabolism (all the chemical reactions of the body) is much slower than during the day. Indeed, from 7 p.m., the body no longer produces digestive enzymes, which will lead to greater storage of food after digestion. But except if a workout is done shortly before!

But this is usually the time when we like to have a good time with family and friends and where we eat the most! At this time of the day, it is advisable to avoid saturated fat (butter, oil, cream), red meat and cheese.

On the contrary, the polyunsaturated fats that are found in small fatty fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel) and monounsaturated (avocado) and seafood (shellfish, shrimps, etc.)are highly recommended. Adding a portion of starches the size of a fist is highly beneficial. It will have an impact on the hormone GABA, inhibitor of cortisol and adrenaline, which will improve the quality of sleep, especially REM sleep. Thus, legumes (beans, peas, lentils) or unrefined cereals (spelled, quinoa) can only bring benefits.

As seen above, the body has trouble digesting the evening meal because it is already preparing for sleep and goes into sleep mode. Suddenly chewing takes on an even greater importance there , to literally chew better the work in the stomach. Mealtime is essential, between 2h30 and 3h before going to bed.

Identify and ward off the main endocrine disruptors

As we all know, the food industry does not always use the best products for health. Thus, endocrine disruptors can be found in several everyday consumer products.. “Endocrine disruptors include a large family of compounds capable of interacting with the hormonal system. »According to INSERM. The institute then lists the possible consequences for the body: “alteration of reproductive functions, malformation of reproductive organs, development of tumors at the level of producers or targets of hormones (thyroid, breast, testes, prostate, uterus), disturbance of the development of the nervous system… ”. The list is very scary! And these compounds, we find them in products from the food industry, such as pesticides, plastics, pharmaceuticals but also foods of animal and plant origin. Contraceptive products can also turn our hormones upside down.But the widest range comes from chemicals and industrial by-products, where they are counted in the thousands we can cite

Combustion products such as dioxins or furans

Household products such as bisphenol A in plastics, parabens in cosmetics, organochlorines in phytosanitary products or even tin used as a solvent.

We do not yet really know their effects or their real dangerousness, but moving away from products like this can only be beneficial!

A diet that respects our endocrine system and our biological clock necessarily requires changing a lot of things, but it can only do you good! A balanced diet is therefore rather rich in fats and proteins, the main components of hormones. It also includes a lot of fiber, for good transit and good quality carbohydrates (whole grains, fruits, oilseeds).

So stop listening to people who tell you that to lose weight, you have to stop fat or stop carbohydrates, or even stop eating protein! Extreme diets never work for the long haul (Yo-Yo effect) and the key to staying healthy is to keep eating everything with reason. And last tip before the end, the more the plate is colorful, the better it is for you!

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