Do I need a Coach for at home exercises

Do I need a Coach for at home exercises?

In recent years, the number of people practicing sports has increased. In fact, in 2020, 59.7% of people aged 18 to 44 have participated in at least three times in physical and sports activity in a week. Regarding sport at home, in 2020, it has also increased. The main reasons for this enthusiasm for sport and in particular for home sport? “To practice when I want” (for 47% of respondents), and “regardless of the weather” (for 20% of respondents). This enthusiasm for sport is leading more and more people to practice it independently, by watching videos, or even tutorials.

The interest of playing sports or exercising at home

There is real interest in doing your sessions at home . In fact, unlike practicing in a gym, you can:

  • Carry out your session whenever you want
  • Save time due to the absence of travel constraints
  • Don’t depend on the weather
  • Avoid waiting in front of the machines
  • Carry out the activity you want
  • Decide yourself on your pace, intensity, duration
  • Exercise at home without a sports coach

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Now that the interest of playing sports at home is recognized, there are still two options: that of doing your session alone in front of a social media video, a tutorial or even exercises on the internet. Or call on a home sports coach.

Here are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of practicing sports at home independently.

The perceived advantages :

  • Save time and choose the time slot you want
  • Set the duration of the session yourself
  • Choose the type of session according to your tastes and select the exercises that you like

The inconvenients :

  • Irregularity of the practice due to lack of motivation
  • Difficulty keeping pace with the mainstream program or video as the intensity and pace do not suit us
  • Risk of injury from improper posture by performing unsuitable exercises
  • Non-existent or unsuitable progress monitoring

If you want to play sports at home by taking care of your fitness and health capital but also by regularly monitoring your progress, call a coach.

Here what you can expect from arranging a coach for home workouts.

  • An in-depth interview to jointly define suitable objectives , take stock of your desires and needs in sports practice
  • A complete fitness and health assessment including: measurements, impedancemetry, static and dynamic posturology analysis, physical tests (cardio-respiratory, muscular, stretching, etc.)
  • A tailor-made sports program with adapted, progressive exercises, which will allow you to reach your goals.
  • Regular sports sessions , the coach comes to your home at the defined time, with the necessary equipment
  • Sessions adapted to your goals , your fitness and health capital, your mood and state of fitness at the moment.
  • Regular points and a full point at the end of each program. This, to evaluate the progress made and to re-define new objectives.
  • New exercises and new techniques on a regular basis because coaches are continuously trained to remain experts in their field. Just make sure you got a certified and caring ethical coach.
  • Constant adaptation to your needs, your sensations, and regular corrections to help you adopt the right posture and to avoid injury

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