DIY Workout Benches

DIY Workout Benches : How to Make Your Own Workout Benches

The workout bench will allow you to engage in a number of workout routines like lifting weights or yoga. You may also use the workout bench for stretching and warm up exercises before engaging in strenuous workout routines, such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) or sports activities like basketball, football or baseball.

What you need to make workout bench at home

The workout bench is one of the pieces of equipment that are needed if you want to train effectively for any sport out there, especially those where body weight plays an important role for optimum performance.Materials found in most household can be easily assembled into a workout bench that will serve your fitness regimen well.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wooden planks – enough 2×2 planks to make the workout bench.
  • Plywood sheets – enough 2×4 and 1×3 planks will do for a workout bench of this size.
  • Wood screws or nails – you can choose which works best for you.
  • A power drill (optional but recommended).

DIY workout bench: how to build it at home

Steps on how to assemble the workout bench from scratch

  • First, measure the area where you want to put up your workout bench so that you can determine how many wood planks are needed. Remember that the workout benches should be measured according to individual needs and comfort level, so they may not look like they have been cut out of a single plank or piece of plywood.
  • Set the workout benches into place.
  • Drill holes through the workout bench to fit in the screws or nails. Start by attaching two workout benches together, then add another workout bench on top of it and continue until all workout benches are connected together in a row. This applies to both side panels of your workout benches. Remember that you might need a little wiggle room so that you can maneuver yourself comfortably when lifting weights, but not too much as this can make it unstable.
  • Attach the back panel on top of the workout bench using wood planks placed vertically, securing them down with either nails or screws depending on which is more convenient for you – remember that they should be smooth enough not to injure you  or trap your clothes or hair and strong enough to support you consistently.
  • Position workout benches in an area that is relatively spacious, but not too big as this can cause you to lose balance if you are lifting heavy weights. Your workout bench should be positioned in a way that natural sunlight comes through the window (if any), allowing enough light for you to see what you’re doing. It would also be best if workout benches are placed away from other furniture; workout benches tend to be used during specific hours of the day so it’s ideal to position them near walls rather than in open areas of the house since they’ll just take up space otherwise.
  • Take one workout bench at a time and place it on top of another workout bench that’s the same size as the first workout bench. Once both workout benches are on top of each other, take a few more workout benches and place them across width-wise. Continue to add workout benches until you’ve created a framework for your workout bench. You can leave about 3″ – 4″ gap between workout benches so air can flow through freely.
  • Take some wooden boards cut to the length of the workout bench (2x4s will suffice). Use woodworking clamps or tie down straps to keep workout benches together in case it starts swaying or if you’re putting a lot of weight on it. Place a yoga mat over your exercise bench if there isn’t enough room between workout benches for natural light to shine.  The workout bench should be large enough to lie down on and have support from workout benches above.
  • 8) Your workout bench is ready for use! You should not feel pain or discomfort in your body while using it. Adjust the position of workout benches as necessary until you find a suitable workout bench height. If the workout bench is too high, it can cause neck strain which could lead to injury when doing exercises such as shoulder press or lateral pulldowns.

Have fun workouts!

Remember that maintaining proper form is important so that you don’t hurt yourself during workouts. Make sure that your shoulders are aligned with elbows in line when doing lat pulldowns (the grip will also need some adjusting if this does not happen naturally). Avoid swinging weights during workout – this can cause injury to your joints. Make sure that you stretch before workout and after workout as well to avoid straining your muscles.

Do some workout routines for the workout bench itself

For example, try workout benches such as workout bench on casters or rolling workout benches . The wheels will make it easy for you to move the workout bench around so that you can adjust its position depending on where you want it placed (such as during a workout). This also reduces strain when lifting weights since the weight of the workout bench is mitigated by the wheels/casters which reduce friction from moving across floors.

Enjoy yourself while using your workout bench at home!

While there are dozens of different workouts that can be done with workout benches, the workout itself should be enjoyable. Whether you are lifting weights or doing other exercises on a workout bench, focus on having fun so that your workout is more effective since it will not seem like work.

Exercises with workout benches

Before you start exercising on your workout bench, make sure you warm up. Warm-up exercises should be simple and easy enough so that it doesn’t tire you out before the actual exercise starts. These include:

Jumping jacks

A classic exercise to build heat in the body (for more information, read this ). Take a few minutes to do some jumping jacks before starting your workout to improve oxygen flow in the muscles thus increasing overall performance of the muscles.

Arm circles

Circle each arm around individually as far  as possible, get the whole body involved in this exercise. Do not swing the arms but only use the shoulder muscles as it increases blood flow to these areas and tones it up (for more information, read this.

Knee bends

Touch your toes slowly or stretch out your leg behind you. This is another simple workout that helps warm-up for any workout (read about workout benefits here.

Leg kicks

Lift one leg off the ground at a time and point them straight forward, then backwards. Then stand up and kick both legs out sideways. Repeat with each leg 10 times alternately 3 times a day.

Working out on workout benches

When using workout bench workout, it is important to understand how workout benches work. The workout bench workout is the most flexible workout as you can do almost any workout on them (depending on the design of your workout bench).

Here are some workout moves that can be done with a workout bench:


Lie down in front of your workout bench and place both hands in front of you right on top of the workout bench. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and lower yourself down until your nose or mouth touches the floor. Then push back up again until straighten out your arms to complete one rep.

Seated shoulder presses

You sit facing forward with two dumbbells in each hand holding them above  your head. Slowly lower your arms down in a clockwise motion until they’re parallel to the floor (your elbows should be pointing outwards), then slowly raise them back up again to complete one rep.

Bicep curls

Stand in front of your workout bench holding a dumbbell in each hand, your palms facing forwards. Bend at the waist and allow yourself to lean forwards while keeping your upper body vertical and only bending from the waist so that you can place both hands on top of the workout bench. Then using both arms, curl both dumbbells up as high as possible towards you until your arms are straight again.

Triceps dips

Stand up and place both arms on the workout bench so that your torso is leaning forwards with your hands clasped. Then bend at the waist to lower yourself down until you are almost touching the workout bench with your chest, straighten back out again. Pause for a moment and repeat this movement.

Lying triceps extensions

Lie flat on your stomach across the workout bench. Using just one arm at time, keep that elbow pointing downwards as you lift it off of the workout bench using just a single dumbbell or weight plate, then slowly lower it back down again in an even controlled manner.

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