3 pillars to stay healthy

3 Pillars to Stay Healthy

There are many ways to stay healthy. However, whatever your profile some remain essential. These are the paths to follow, or techniques, that Ronan Le Paranthoën calls “his 3 pillars” to maintain an excellent state of form and health. What are they? Discover them without further delay.

1st pillar: healthy and seasonal food

In terms of diet, the rule of thumb is simple. We absolutely need the following 4 elements to allow our body to function well:

  • Amino acids (proteins to keep it simple)
  • Fatty acids (fats)
  • The minerals
  • Vitamins

Focus on vitamins and minerals

And where can we find these 4 essentials? When it comes to vitamins and minerals, we find them mainly in seasonal foods. Especially in unprocessed fruits and vegetables. So, say no to industrial cakes, white and refined sugars or preferably prepared and organic dishes. In addition, if you want to keep the vitamins, you should also avoid overcooking your food. Because, when food is cooked beyond 110 degrees the vitamins disappear.

Focus on proteins

For proteins, it is advisable to limit the meat diet which acidifies the body. And obviously when we consume little meat, we can reduce the intake of saturated fat. If we only eat a few fish in the same way, we limit the absorption of heavy metals present in all fish today. It is therefore advisable in this regard to feed on small fish. As for example: mackerel, anchovies and other sardines to benefit from the benefits of omega 3. Moreover, as they are small fish, therefore at the bottom of the food hierarchy, they themselves consume only a few heavy metals. In short, it is a good operation to stay in good health.

Focus on fatty acids

Regarding fatty acids, consider increasing your intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids especially omega 3 fatty acid. Also monounsaturated fatty acids like olive oil. Because it is no coincidence that it is in Crete that Europeans live the longest and in good health.

To conclude on the diet component, it is highly desirable to limit the intake of stimulants such as tea or coffee. Also try to reduce dairy products. You can learn more here How to Maximize the Potential of Your Body With Balanced Diet!

2nd pillar: hydrotherapy thanks to living water rich in vibratory information

What is hydrotherapy? It is water therapy to keep us healthy. Because let’s not forget that our body is made up of 70% water. Our cells, our bones, cartilages, muscles, blood, lymph all are water in our body. To ignore this is truly mind-blowing.

Choosing the right water for drinking

First of all, let’s talk about the water we drink. You have heard that tap water is “drinkable”. Look in the dictionary to see what the word “potable” means. When you were in school, were you satisfied with having a drinking grade? Water that is good for health MUST have several criteria:

  • The pH should be neutral (around 7), a slightly acidic pH of 6.7 is ideal.
  • It must remain little mineralized, a dry residue of less than 120 mg / l would be interesting example: Mont roucous
  • The RH2 (oxidation reduction potential) must be less than 28
  • The rô (noted in ohms) must be greater than 6000. The more mineralized the water, the lower the rô.

Purify your water

However, you have another solution if you want to save on research when choosing your waters. It is also an excellent solution for the planet by also giving up plastic bottles. These are devices that purify water from tap water. There are many brands. The process is as follows, filtration of the water first, we disinfect it, we remove the pollutants. The dynamization then, we make this water alive and finally the information, the water has this capacity to provide itself with vibratory information.

Finally, there are other techniques to stay healthy with water. For example, thermal cures with fresh water or sea water, thalassotherapy, green or white clay baths with, of course, different effects depending on the objectives sought, sauna and other hammam, balneotherapy.

3rd pillar: adapted physical activity to stay healthy

Do physical activities, yes do sports, but do the one you want, the one that suits you, the one that suits your body. Because we have rarely seen a body builder achieve a marathon in less than 3 hours. And even less a marathon runner lifting a bench press bar at 180kg, each one of them doing “his own thing”. Does that mean that one sport is better than the other for your health?

Indulge yourself in the choice of your physical activity

The marathon runner will have a healthy heart. As for the bodybuilder, he will have an optimized metabolism, muscles performing their functions optimally. Each has its advantages therefore. Above all, do yourself PLEASURE, choose your physical activity.

In case you are just starting out, take it gradually

We often talk about those 10,000 steps per day, but if you are used to taking only 3000 steps per day, the fact of going to 5000 would already be very good. Insufficient, of course, but it is a beginning, a beginning towards well-being. If you can’t run and walk well first, then walk a little faster. If you like bodybuilding, want to start with this sport, start with the foundations, the basics, core, deep muscles and so-called “basic” exercises: bench press, squat, deadlift and pull-ups and run away from anyone who wants to sit on a machine that’s made for everyone and made for no one. The free loads, the body weight, here is the basis. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not start any other way.

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