10 Sports Exercises to Keep Fit During Confinement During Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Sports Exercises to Keep Fit During Confinement During Coronavirus Pandemic

Being confined means not going out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do sports! there are many solutions available to continue playing sports without setting foot outside. 

Since Monday March 23, on RTL, an athlete has been sharing his advice every morning on staying in shape during confinement and giving advice on exercise to do at home. There are many Bloggers, Youtubers also doing the same.

It is also possible to find exercises to do at home on social networks, especially on Instagram, where many athletes share their know-how and motivate their subscribers. We have collected few sports exercises that you can do.

The bottomless chair

The  three-time Olympic athletics champion Marie-José Perec  advises the exercise of the bottomless chair “to maintain morale and health”. She explains the instructions for use: “We stand with our backs to the wall at 90 degrees and we imagine that there is a chair, she explains. So we sit down, relaxed, arms at the sides, and  we tighten the abs by sticking the shoulders well on the wall “.

“It  works the back, abs and thighs at the same time , she continues. Sometimes, with my boy, we do little challenges like that: we say to ourselves today we will do 10 seconds, tomorrow 12 and then we go up like that “. A “brilliant way to pass the time” assures  the athlete .


The  gymnast Samit Ait Said , bronze medalist at the 2019 Stuttgart World Championships speaks as he can with him and offers small squat exercise. An exercise to be done “with a smile” and, if possible, with the person (s) with whom you are confined.

The principle: we flex our legs, we stretch them, then we throw a ball or a soft toy. You can do several repetitions of ten throws each time.

The spider

The  Olympic mogul ski champion Perrine Laffont  is confined to her home, in Ariège, in the Pyrenees. She proposes to perform the spider exercise, “based on sheathing” . To do this, you have to get on the ground, on all fours, your arms shoulder-width apart, then raise your knees and stretch out your legs: this is the spider’s position.

To facilitate the exercise, the sportswoman advises to put on a stopwatch and to do 30 seconds of exercise then 30 seconds of rest, and, to increase the difficulty, it is enough from time to time to raise the right arm, the left arm , the right foot and the left foot.

A sheathing stone-sheet-chisel

Like his  illustrious father Jackson ,  23-year-old Melvyn Richardson plays handball at a very high level. It offers you a fairly simple and fun exercise to perform in pairs or in groups. It is at the same time a  work of sheathing and of push-ups … starting from the rock-paper-scissor game .

The principle is simple. You have to get into a push-up position, arms outstretched, facing your partner, then play a game of rock-paper-chisel. Whoever loses (you decide the innings) performs a push-up.

Abs Training

The Olympic pentathlon vice-champion in Rio  Élodie Clouvel  lives her confinement in the Landes . The 31-year-old young woman offers you several  small exercises “to work the deep abs and refocus” in order  to “work both body and mind”.

The first consists of getting on your back, lying down, and getting back into a sitting position, keeping your back straight and your hands facing the sky without using your hands. It is to be performed ten times. For the second, you must always stay lying down but this time raise your knees while keeping your feet on the ground . Then go and touch his right ankle with the right hand, and his left ankle with the left hand. The exercise is to be performed twenty times.

Postures to stretch and breathe well

Postures to stretch and breathe well

The coach of the XV of France,  Fabien Galthié  takes advantage of the confinement to think, rest and perform  breathing exercises , with stretching postures. “It’s a form of yoga that I invented during my playing career and that I have kept,” he explains. ” It’s very, very calm, very sweet .”

He advises sitting on the floor with one leg extended and another tucked behind the buttock, stretching the outstretched leg, then changing legs.

The bridge

The bronze medalist skipper at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games  Hélène Defrance  offers you three little exercises. The first allows to work the abdominals . You have to lie down on your back, lift your legs at 90 degrees, contract your lower abdomen well and then raise your chest on your knees.

The second is called “the bridge exercise”. Always lying down, you have to put the support on your two feet, bend your knees towards the sky and then lift your pelvis . Finally, for the third exercise, it is necessary to stand either by resting on the left leg, or on the right leg, then stretch the other right leg to the rear.

Work the back

On RTL’s Instagram account, Véronique de Villèle offers videos to continue training from home . One of them presents exercises to work on the back, which is particularly required if you telecommute.

Standing or seated, you have to release the tensions in your back, stretch an arm in front of you, then put your hand on the opposite shoulder. You must then free the other hand and put it behind the elbow, push four times, then let go . Then, do the same exercise with the other arm. Another exercise is also to do small circles on the shoulder, in front and behind.


Another athlete offers exercises to do at home, and without the necessary equipment, on his Instagram account, it is the footballer Bixente Lizarazu. In one of his videos, he offers a push-up exercise, in which you have to alternate short push-ups and long push-ups . The goal is to do 30 short push-ups, then 10 long push-ups, and repeat the exercise three times.

For the more athletic, Bixente Lizarazu offers a more difficult variant: to alternate 30 long push-ups with 10 short push-ups.

Knee lift

In another of his Instagram videos, Bixente Lizarazu suggests a cardio exercise to be done “every day when you wake up” or “in case of nervousness”, “perfect for maintaining the cardio and the legs” .

It consists of doing knee climbs on the spot. For beginners, the athlete recommends 3 sets of 1 minute, and, for confirmed, 3 sets of 3 to 5 minutes.

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